[GIT] How to ignore directory recursively by .gitignore

For example, In the Mac OS, there is the .DS_Store directory in all directory. So you want ignore the .DS_Store directory from version control.

To ignore directory recursively , use .gitignore like this.

Then the .DS_Store directory which in all directory under working directory will be ignored.

Template for .gitignore is https://github.com/github/gitignore .
It’s useful because they have lots of templates for many environments.

If you already git add, you can restore by

above command.(Do not forget period(.) )

If you already committed, then you can restore by

above command.

[GIT] Check that .gitignore is working.

If you want to check which file would be added before git add . You can see by following command.

So you can see the .gitignore working or not.

If you already done git add ., then you can reverse by following command.